CTP residents are members of the team that carries out CTP’s Mission of advancing inner transformation as the foundation for positive social change. As such, residents are engaged in setting annual goals to carry this mission forward.

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CTP Residents are people with commitments to social change, to sustainable living and to spiritual practice. They are encouraged to be involved in change efforts in the surrounding community, to maintain daily spiritual practice and to reduce their carbon footprints. This last element involves maintaining a “do-it-yourself” atmosphere at CTP involving fruit and vegetable gardening, food processing and home, bicycle and car repair, etc. 

In addition to tending to the norms of community living, including shared cooking and cleaning responsibilities and house meetings, residents are involved in producing and hosting CTP programming, retreats and aspects of the networking campaign.

For those dedicated to community change, community living, sustainability and spiritual practice, access to the community of support for all of these is worth the challenges of community living. Moreover, the chance to be involved in the broader transformational movement and in the creation of a critically needed organization is a precious opportunity.

For more information about residential life at CTP and the discernment process about residential openings, please send a short letter of interest to info@transformationalpractice.org.