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Apprentices of Being: Living from the Organic Flow of Life

  • Fuller Camp 66 New Hampshire 118 Warren, NH, 03279 United States (map)

A collective exploration of the raw and living nature of the present moment with spiritual teacher, Jeannie Zandi.

To meet the challenges that face us, we must participate in nothing less than a total transformation of consciousness as a species. Though many of us are transitioning to a new perspective of Oneness from a story based on division, we must dive deeper than the mind’s understanding to embody a way of being that is revealed when we leave our known reference points and enter into the mystery of the alive moment. With our roots in the unknown, abiding in openness, we can become apprentices to the unifying, harmonizing organic current of life itself. In this retreat, we’ll dive deeply into the exploration of the transition from mental orienting to abiding in the living moment. Through meditation, guided meditation, spontaneous talks, exchange with participants as well as experiential exercises, Jeannie will support participants to come in contact with the nourishing depth of being, and to look at the obstacles that seem to stand in the way of living from that. No particular prior experience is necessary, although a comfort with partner exercises and an adventurous willingness are, as Jeannie’s work invites meeting oneself and others in a vulnerable, open and authentic way. Please email or call (802) 738-3802 if you have any questions.

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Jeannie Zandi is the spiritual director of Living as Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people to live from their essence as Love. A year before the birth of her daughter, Jeannie was plunged into a dark night of the soul that culminated in a radical shift of consciousness. Her work is experiential and focuses on the transformational power of Being, providing a bridge from our current divided conceptual way of inhabiting the planet to living from Oneness. She is known for her fearless clarity, tender mercy toward humanness, and a juicy, poetic and often humorous style that draws from Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Christian mysticism and the ongoing revelation of fully engaged living.


This retreat will take place in Warren, New Hampshire at the Fuller Camp on the banks of the Baker River, emerald water over granite, a stunning natural treasure.

Space is limited to 21 participants. Your payment reserves your spot. Lodging and six healthy meals included A limited number of discounted registrations are available. Please contact to request a scholarship.

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