Getting Organized

As a part of a strategic planning process that has engaged the CTP Board and Residential Community over the past couple of years, CTP opened up its ears to listen to members of the local community speak about how they perceive CTP’s strengths, weaknesses and how best we should proceed.

One message that came back loud and clear was that CTP needed greater clarity and greater integration. In other words, it has not always been clear what links together all of the different things we do. In response to this message, we took a good look at our activities and began a process or reorganization. One turning point on the road to greater integration and clarity was a crucial emergence: the model of the CTP Tree, comprised of three residential roots, three programmatic branches and three clumps of networking canopy. 

The three levels of the diagram convey how our work begins at home in the roots of residential life, how these practices and ideals are shared with community through programmatic offerings, and how these offerings support the three sectors of our networking campaign. The tree roots and branches of the model show how we strive to unite the inner work of personal transformation with the outer project of transitioning to a just and sustainable culture. The synthesis of this inner and outer work forms the third category and focus of CTP's work, advancing the understanding and practices of transformational change. Or as we phrase it in our mission statement, advancing inner transformation as the foundation for positive social change.

This scaffolding provides a much-needed framework for anyone interested in joining us in this essential work of our times.