Jon Bliss, Chair

Jon Bliss is a minister, farmer, poet, and community advocate who grew up within the independent, non-traditional school movement. His parents founded East Hill Farm, an innovative secondary school with a curriculum based on self-knowledge, expressive arts, and physical work.

After completing his studies at Yale Divinity School, Jon spent a decade in community-based mental health work, spiritual counseling, and education, for a time co-directing (with his partner Laura) a re-imagined version of his parents’ school.

In 2001 he entered into relationship with Old Parish Church, where he has served as minister for the past 16 years, seeking to build a new tradition of inclusive worship, community service, self-reflection, and Earth stewardship.

Jon is inspired by--though hardly fully conversant in!--new forms of media, and the ways in which personal narrative styles reflect evolving attitudes about race, aesthetics, land stewardship, and our relationship to Mystery, a spiritual intersection perfectly captured by Ram Das’ observation: “We’re all just walking each other home."

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