John Hall

"As I understand it, the mission has three parallel tracks which lead to one ultimate objective: a whole, healthy, revivified world. Our means  of reaching this world is all at once deeply personal, immediately interpersonal and extensively societal. I remember, in my mid-twenties, having the thought or the vision that my generation could be the last to struggle with hopelessness, oppression and scarcity in the way that so many generations before have struggled. As much as my opinion on the time scale of that vision had changed, I still feel that preparations should be made and lives should be lived in anticipation of a world inhabited by creative and loving minds."

In his formal role at CTP, John believes that his professional IT skills can make a positive impact on both the day-to-day life of the residence and the event-oriented activities of the organization. He has been coding professionally and personally for the web and its associated technologies for almost a decade. About 5 years ago, in a heart-to-heart conversation with his father about his future, he was encouraged to take the first steps in transitioning from a self-taught code monkey to a professionally trained software engineer. That journey helped him to expand the range of his skill set, from scripting simple utilities to crafting fully scalable applications to spec. He continues to build upon these skills even as he utilizes them in the full-time developer role that he landed while still a student at WGU. In addition to his professional activities, he contributes code to the Open Source community on GitHub ( .

Simon Dennis