Mission & Approach

CTP's mission is to support the transition to a just and sustainable culture by advancing inner transformation as the foundation for positive social change.

We do this in three ways:

1. The CTP residential community is a homestead occupied by up to eight people who collaborate in living sustainably and supporting community initiatives for environmental resilience and positive social change. Together, CTP residents comprise a leadership collective and living laboratory focused on regenerative land practice, personal and collective spiritual practice, and social change.

2. Each year, CTP offers approximately 40 workshops and programs falling into three categories:

  1. Sustainability, resilience, awareness raising, and social change

  2. Personal change and spiritual practice

  3. Transformational change (the bridge between personal and social transformation.)

3. CTP works to network the movement for inside-out change within faith communities, among social activists, and in the nonprofit sector. Current movement-building efforts include supporting the Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group, The Deep Change Conference of 2017, and a film on story change in the transformational movement.

Three Definitions:

Transformational Practices are defined as those practices which support both the inner transformation of individuals and groups and the outer transition to a just and sustainable culture.

We understand a just and sustainable culture to be one that helps its members to live in balance with the needs of the natural world -- that is, consuming resources and producing waste at a level that the Earth could supply and process if everyone on the planet lived accordingly.

We understand inner transformation to mean a deepening of personal and collective human consciousness that acknowledges and proceeds from the interconnectedness of all life and all being.  


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