Pathways to Residency

Due to recent residential body turnover and a subsequent desire to reevaluate our residential model, the Center for Transformational Practice is currently not accepting applications to join the CTP Residential Community. If you have an established spiritual practice, a practice of caring for the environment, a background in activism, community organizing or community change and a strong desire and capacity to live in community, we ask you send us a request to notify you when CTP reopens the application process. At that time, the process will proceed as follows:


Intake Process

  1. Interested parties inquire with CTP leadership for an initial interview

  2. An exploratory stay is encouraged for 1-3 weeks space permitting

  3. A time of reflection follows in which the application process can begin

  4. A formal application (see materials) is submitted to the Residential Committee

  5. Background checks and references are reviewed

  6. Applicant interviews with CTP leadership and the the Residential Committee

  7. Qualified applicants will be granted a three month residential lease

  8. Approximately 45 days into that time, resident and leadership discuss the potential for renewal to occur at the end of the three months

  9. If a stay has been granted the resident takes on a role and six month contract


The process can be expected to take approximately one to two months.

Whenever possible, accepted applicants are requested to stay at CTP for an exploratory stay period of between one and three weeks, to see if it is a good fit all around. During the exploratory stay, potential residents are expected to fulfill household chores but not expected to complete work trade. Once the exploratory stay is complete potential residents are asked to live off-site for at least one week before making the decision to sign the residential contract. Upon moving in, new CTP residents will be subject to a three-month, six month and one-year reviews by the residential committee.

Accepted residents will be invited to sign a Residential Housing Agreement for an initial three-month stay. Subsequent housing agreements will be for additional three and six-month periods. 


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