Transformational Change

If the transition to just and sustainable culture and inner personal transformation were two circles of a venn diagram, transformational change would be the intersection between the two.

More simply put, transformational change is inside-out change. It is broader societal change on the basis of personal change.

Part of the rationale behind this approach is the belief that for societal change to be lasting, it must address the root of the problem in the inner dimensions of human consciousness. It follows from this logic that approaches to societal change which omit the inner dimensions will not be effective for long.

The transformational approach to social change is ultimately rooted in a Cosmology of Oneness, that is, an understanding of the diversity of this world as emerging from a single source to which all things remain directly connected. The emergence of this understanding into the many facets of mainstream society can be thought of as a broad societal paradigm shift. The transformational approach can also be described as a non-dual approach insofar as it is both inner and outer.

The focus on Transformational Change runs through all three levels of the organization: It surfaces in the residential community through a focus on collective practice and group process. It surfaces in the programming through workshops, films and discussion groups that are focused on the skills and practices of the transformational movement. A focus on transformational change is present in the networking campaign, insofar as the network that CTP works to support within nonprofit and grassroots sectors and faith communities, is explicitly a transformational network.