Why Community?

CTP has chosen a residential structure to carry out its mission due to the nature of the societal change we are working to facilitate.


The transition to sustainable culture is something that happens on the personal, community and societal levels. It comes down to the personal choices that we each make as we go through our days. However, as anyone who has opted to practice sustainable living for any length of time can tell you, the stresses of personal restraint are quickly compounded by the isolation that results from swimming upstream from one’s surrounding community. For this reason, engaging in sustainable practices is something that requires the support of community. The same can be said of spiritual practice.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a long-standing axiom for agents of social change. And yet, environmental activists, working to lower carbon consumption at a regional or national level often feel they lack the time to limit their own practices of consumption. Dependence on an over-consumptive culture to provide for our necessities limits our ability to bring about change in a number of ways. Incongruities between a person's message and the example they are setting in their private lives undercuts the message. In contrast, those who are understood to walk their talk, and can lead with the power of example. Simply said, the energetic qualities of what we do and the results of these actions, are based on who we are. 


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