Advancing the Transformational Movement

At the most fundamental level, the work of CTP is based in the idea that modern society is going through a sea change in our basic story about how this world works. Perhaps this change can best be described as going from an overriding belief in separateness of this world to a primary belief in its interconnectedness. Though "materialistic" philosophy has co-arisen with the findings and practices of modern science, this same philosophy has more recently been undermined by the frontiers of science, giving way to the return of what we could call a philosophy of radical interconnectedness.

This transition has implications for every area of human life, including how to work effectively in groups and how to bring about lasting social change. 

Insofar as the "new story” is a story about how to run effective organizations, it manifests as nonprofit and for-profit organizations working to cultivate depth of collective consciousness as a means of deepen their impact. This has come to be called “raising up the social field” among organizational theorists.

Insofar as the "new story” is a story about the mechanics of social change, it surfaces as a grassroots sector searching for non-confrontational modes of social action through being mindful to avoid an us-against-them-ism prevalent within social-change campaigns. The recognition that sourcing our social action from a place of love rather than hate benefits both campaign and activist alike, through opening doors to collaboration and making possible a healing mode of social action.

Insofar as the "new story” is a story about our fundamental relationship with ourselves and the world around us, it is surfacing within communities of faith and practice experiencing a renewed sense of potential to be vehicles for deep personal transformation. Faith groups accessing the new story also recognize new forms of connection and common cause across different traditions and include social engagement and action within their approach to worship and practice.

CTP works to bolster the transformational movement within each of these sectors. Within the organizational sector, CTP is supporting a peer support and skill-building group for nonprofit leadership (the ED Practice Lab). Within the Grassroots Sector, CTP supports a group of activists working to understand and practice a non-coercive mode of social action (Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group). And within communities of faith and practice, CTP supports faith leadership to investigate and discuss avenues for collaboration and connection based on a transformational model (The Interfaith Sustainability Retreat). Though these initiatives are still in the early stages of their evolution, they are powerful ways CTP completes its mission. Afterall, when process awareness of the nonprofit sector mixes with the depth of conviction of the faith sector and the social analysis of the grassroots sector, we will be well on our way to the just and sustainable culture we truly deserve.

simon dennis